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This one day training course is for individuals who work under the supervision of a competent person and on a routine basis perform rigging work engaged in lifting loads other than rigging for special lifts, or the erection, dismantling, jumping or reconfiguring of cranes or all of these.

This person is also trained to communicate guidance and direction to a crane operator in lifting, hoisting, moving, or releasing a load.


Training Topics

    • • Hand, voice and radio communications
    • • Proficiency in hand and verbal signals, including the standard method for hand signals as required by ASME B30.3-2004, ASME B30.5-2007 and ASME B30.6-2003
    • • Rigging hardware overview and hands on exercises including:
      • Hooks; shackles; clips; clamps; taglines; synthetic and wire rope slings
    • • Common load configurations and positioning
    • • Personal fall protection systems and methods
    • • Emergency procedures
    • • Hazards and restrictions associated with working adjacent to overhead electric lines and equipment.

Participants will learn to prevent incidents that result in property damage, injury, and death, related to the rigging and signal-person duties of operation of cranes when used in construction, demolition, and maintenance.

A Riggers Handbook will be provided for each student.

Certificates awarded upon successful completion of this course.


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