Boot Camp 2.0


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Boot Camp 2.0


Boot Camp 2.0    Skid Steer Loaders

Equipment operators can earn $20 – $40 per hour in Virginia and more in other areas.

Learn to operate Skid Steer loaders in just 2 (Two) days!

The first day will consist of an overview of operations, how to properly conduct a pre-use inspection, required safety measures to unlock the machine and approximately 6 hours hands on time.

We use a Caterpillar 259 D, open cab, track machine.

Learn how to load, unload, and distribute earth, sand and gravel from concrete bins and bulk piles.

Lunch break is one hour.

Driving will include a variety of terrains to replicate jobsite and working conditions operators are likely to encounter.

Learn to navigate in open and congested areas.

The second day  will start with a Skid Steer knowledge review followed by the written exam.

45 minutes are allotted to complete the exam.

Lunch break is one hour.

After lunch, students have the remainder of the day to practice for the test.  (up to 3 hrs seat time)

Finally, attendees must demonstrate the ability to complete a pre-use inspection.

After completing the inspection, operators will use our course for the skills confirmation.

One hour is allowed to complete the skills confirmation segment.  (10 hrs. total hands on at completion)

Attendees who pass both segments of the class will receive a Photo ID operator badge and Certificate of Completion.

This course meets or exceeds all Federal and State regulations and is valid for three (3) years.

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