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This training course consists of a classroom presentation and a written test followed by a hands-on skills testing session.  The classroom portion focuses heavily on the safety, stability, and operational characteristics of today’s most commonly used Scissor and Boom lifts including JLG, Genie, Skyjack, Snorkel and more.   The hands-on portion is a great opportunity for growth as new and experienced operators learn, share and demonstrate new skills in a safe environment under expert supervision from an industry leading  instructor.  Learning how to accurately inspect and operate machines and the relevant workplace before use (a strong focus in this curriculum), is a key element in reducing workplace accidents and injury.

Finally, operators must pass a skills evaluation using current industry standards with approved documentation.

Successful candidates receive a Certificate of completion and a Photo ID Operators card valid for 3 years.

Applicable to Canada and US standards and regulations.

Course Highlights

Classroom Duration: 4 hrs.

+ Pre-use inspection  2 hr.

+ Practical Evaluation 2 hrs.


Training Takeaways:

Successful Candidates will be able to demonstrate knowledge and proficiency in the following areas:

  • OSHA & ANSI Regulations
  • Hydraulic Fluid Hazard awareness
  • High Voltage Electrical Hazards
  • boom and scissor lift safety systems
  • fall protection/fall arrest systems
  • emergency procedures
  • capacity restrictions
  • main parts and functionality
  • pre-use & job site inspections
  • safe and effective operating procedures
  • hand signals for working with ground personnel
  • MEWPS <5 degree protocols
  • safe storage and transport procedures


  1. chris hughes

    Great class very professional

  2. manuel flores

    Good class Steve

  3. james dingley

    Good class lots of imfo

  4. Ryan wells

    Good class

  5. tom Linder

    Lota imformation

  6. Anthony Dingle

    Good instructions

  7. Tom bartell

    Informative, entertaining, and interactive class taught by a passionate energetic instructor. Don’t think it can be done any better

  8. jaime canles

    Good class

  9. Nathan Perreault

    Great class. Great guy! Always fun.

  10. Mike Ackermann

    Very good and informative training class.

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