Industrial Safety & Equipment Training Academy

Inspection Overview:

We offer site and facility inspections by appointment or at random.  These can be full-day or half-day and address a variety of potential hazards.

Equipment related hazards:

Our inspectors can verify your training and compliance as it relates to any or all of the following types of equipment:

  • Forklifts
    • Counterbalanced Forklift
    • Narrow Aisle Reach Truck/Order Picker
    • Powered Pallet Truck/Jack
    • Rough Terrain Forklift (Vertical Mast and Telehandler)
  • Aerial Lifts
    • Aerial Boom Lifts:  Diesel, Gas, Propane & Electric models
    • Scissor Lift/Vertical Lifts/Mobile elevating work platforms
  • Loaders
    • Front-end Wheel Loaders
    • Skid Steer Loaders
    • Loader Backhoes
  • Excavators up to to 75,000lbs


Our site-specific audits  assist your company in identifying ALL hazards, not just those associated with powered mobile equipment operations and in determining practical solutions to address them.  After visiting your site and assessing the hazards, we develop an action plan.  We provide your action plan with supporting OSHA code references for each existing or potential hazard, the photos to support our findings, and we do it all with a smile.  Our goal is to assist you in protecting your company, its employees and keep your profits out of the regulatory agencies coffer.

Programs Fees:

Our initial consultation is free.    Visiting your site, conducting the audit, analyzing the hazards and developing your solutions has many variables which determine the amount of time we will be on site and total cost.  Size of the facility, types of hazards present and location are the primary variables.  Please feel free to email or call us directly to discuss your needs and get on the schedule.

 804.712.LIFT (5438)

Onsite Consultations

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