Finance your new career with very affordable payments.  If you are not currently employed, you will need someone to cosign the loan application with you, (spouse or parent).  Minimum amount to finance is $1000.  You may add courses together, but apply for the loan to cover the class you want (Boot Camp 5.0 for example) and nothing extra.    Take the class you want, get the employment you need, then come back take other courses if you like.  Payment plans start around $55 month, forklift and loader operators earning average $2000 – 2500 per month.

If you want to work as a heavy equipment operator, you have found the right place

Since 2014  ISET ACADEMY has been certifying heavy equipment operators that are properly trained and fully qualified to do the job,  not just be familiar with the controls!

OUR MISSION:  To provide the most informative real world training programs students will remember and enjoy.   Proper fundamentals and methodology are taught to beginners and reinforced to experienced operators with expert guidance.

The demand for heavy equipment operators being certified is on the rise as employers must be in compliance with OSHA regulations and private individuals want every advantage they can find in today’s very competitive job market.

Most of today’s machines are computerized.  Without training, it would be difficult to know how to navigate the control panel, select control patterns, verify pressures, engage and disengage the lock mechanisms, couplers, auxiliary lines and then we can get into how to actually run the machine safely and effectively, yeah you need training.

Our programs are all unique, fast paced, very hands-on, and you will enjoy and remember what you do here.             We have qualified many operators. You will be able to apply the skills learned here immediately!

There are a few other training places, why choose ISET Academy?

Corporate clients value our professionalism, expertise, and commitment to safety!

Academy owner,  Steve Ingram has been a Master Instructor for many machines for almost 20 years.

He has developed programs for several cities, the State of Virginia and the US ARMY,  if they trust us, so can you!

Some of our customers include:  Advan-Six, American Door & Glass, American Veterans Association, Capitol Boiler Works,  Carter Machinery CAT dealer, CBRE, Chesterfield County, City of Colonial Heights, City of Danville, City of Petersburg, City of Richmond, College of William & Mary, Commonwealth Industrial Services, Dominion Energy, Dupont James River Gypsum, Eastern Non-Destructive Testing, Mid-Atlantic Entry Systems, Odessa New York Demolition Inc., Penhall, Progress Index Petersburg, Rent E Quip, Royal Exteriors, Service Center Metals, Smithsonian Institute, Southern Dredging SC, Stamptech, United Scrap Metals, Virginia Department of Rehabilitation Services, Virginia Department of Labor and Industry VDOL, Virginia Department of Forensic Science, US ARMY Fort Lee and many more.


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